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DRAFT, we are still in development.


Welcome to the new FREE Employee Health Network (EHN). Employers wanting to cut their health care costs by helping employees and dependents avoid ailments such as addictions, chronic disease (including cancer), excess weight, pain, etc. may find bright ideas for natural solutions right here.

There is a new generation of Functional MD's who no longer bow to the AMA or the FDA. They practice prevention, and offer natural solutions for multiple ailments. This is new and we like it.

Functional MD's
They are accredited MD's who have turned from conventional medicine in order to explain how to stay healthy and get well using Mother Nature's resources.

We have collected many of their works, plus recent research results, and ancient remedies, to come up with 1,000+ Library articles on getting and staying well. Join us and learn how.

None of the natural recommendations herein have been tested according to the medical standards required for prescription drugs and are therefore not approved by the FDA. We ask for your feedback on each suggestion as to how it did or did not work for you. Then we post aggregate total results.

We are unbiased
In order to be completely unbiased, we do not accept advertisers. We want to tell you how we see it without being influenced by business interests. Therefore, we must rely on a few product sales, E-course fees starting in 2016, and donations to cover costs. Any donations will be gratefully accepted.

Why is prevention the key to affordable group medical plans?
When it comes to your car you know that regular maintenance like putting in clean gasoline, changing the oil and greasing the joints can prevent the need for major repairs. Current research is proving the same holds true for the human body.

According to scientists there is a break-through therapy to lower the risk of developing common and deadly chronic diseases by about 80%. The therapy is called taking care of yourself. It’s a break-thru because the research is validating what we all knew innately.

So, how do your employees, and covered spouses take care of themselves? Participate in our Health Network to learn about and live what a healthy lifestyle means. When you live a healthy lifestyle you prevent future disease.

An example of recent research
A 2009 study, involving over 23,000 Germans, showed just how fantastic the results of a healthy lifestyle can be. The cumulative effects of just four healthy factors:

1. Eating healthy food,
2. Exercising regularly,
3. Maintaining a healthy weight, and
4. Not smoking or submitting to other addictions

Resulted in:
*A 93% reduced risk of diabetes
*An 81% reduced risk of heart disease
*An average of 36% reduced risk of ALL cancers
*Average annual health care costs in Germany were about $4,000 at the time, and that was about half of US costs.

Source: Archives of Internal Medicine, Aug 2009

AVK's National Health Network
The non-profit AVK Education (AVK), has created a family of Health Networks in order to provide you with free wellness information and community sharing. Our sister site for individuals who are 62 or older is at Senior Health Network.net, and for younger individuals at Community Health Network.net.

Our free services include
* Learn from 1,000+ articles in our Wellness Library
* Comment on any article, and
* Read other members' comments
*Use Library tips to get well and stay well
*All tips are what people can do for themselves

*Rate any tips that you used, and
*Read aggregate member ratings
*Ask self-health questions of our health coach
*Discussion Forums enable you to interact with others.
*Buddy System enables members to share with someone like themselves.

* 20 Questions: How much do you and your people know how your body works. This is a free questionnaire.
*Calculate your Health Age compared to your calendar age.
*Wellness Webzines will be sent periodically with your approval.
*Contact us with kudos & criticisms, glitches you find, etc.

Wellness E-Courses
We have created e-courses that are designed to supplement employer wellness programs. They are free during the current beta period, and will be $10 per 13-week course, starting in 2018 to cover our costs.

We ask employers to sponsor their employees under their wellness programs and pay a fee starting in 2018 for entering their people into the course and tracking progress without divulging Personal Health Info (PHI).

Donations accepted
Until we can generate adequate future employer revenue we must rely on donations to cover costs because we do not accept advertisers. We will sell a few select products. We want to be able to tell you how we see things without being manipulated by money.

WWW - What Will Work for me?
Many articles offer health tips, and we will ask what worked for you if you tried any of them. Then, you make any comment at the bottom of the article for others to share, rate any tip at our Survey section, and/or discuss in our Forums. We are all in this together to find wellness solutions.

Disclaimer: This website does not provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. The information presented herein is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. See your doctor about any health issues before using any of our complementary or alternative wellness suggestions. The use of any of our recommendations or suggestions is at your own risk. Call 9-1-1 in the case of any medical emergency. Links to other websites are for informational purposes only. They do not constitute endorsements